Training Day 8 – Intervals in the Park

Since I’m off from school today (Thanks Native Americans for finding Columbus wandering on your shores!), I decided to do my workout early. I got up, drank my banana breakfast shake, drank my water, got ready and headed out the door. I decided to explore Prospect Park as a running locale today. It’s the closest large park to me – especially since the G train goes down that far now…I don’t even have to change trains! I looked at the map online, and it seemed like the primary loop was pretty well-defined. And 3.3 miles. So why not?

It’s awesome!!!! The road is definitely clearly marked. There are trails off to the sides you can take if you want, but I stuck with the main road. I went counterclockwise, which started out nice with flats and gentle downhills all interspersed. Had the uphills been like that I probably would have been ok, but nope. It was one long, steady climb. I did have to break my 3 minute run interval and slow to fast walking for about 30 seconds going up that thing. Maybe next time I’ll try going clockwise and see how I like that.

The workout today totaled 45 minutes – 5 minutes warm-up, 35 minutes of 3:2 intervals (7 reps), and 5 minutes of cool-down. And I pretty much did the whole loop in that time! Woo!!

Generally felt ok. I can tell that it’s allergy season and that affects the breathing a little. I’m definitely discussing options with my doctor on Thursday. And I’m going to make an appointment with my chiropractor to see if an adjustment will help with my twingy hip. It doesn’t hurt when I run – more afterwards. I suspect since it’s not constant and not when I’m running that it should be an easy fix…I hope so anyway. The good thing is my chiro is an athlete and understands athletes and isn’t one who will just say “no running” unless there’s a VERY good reason…which would likely mean he’d be referring me to someone else anyway. So we shall see.

I may do Yoga for the Warrior later…we’ll see. I don’t want to overtrain…but I feel like I want a little more. We’ll see. Maybe just do my IT band yoga stretches and go from there. Frankly I don’t know that I could eat enough calories to make up for it without feeling like I was going to explode if I burned the same number of calories as Saturday. As it is after breakfast, post-run snack, and lunch I STILL have over 500 calories to eat. Doing YFTW would give me over 800. Yikes!

But generally woo! I feel like training’s really fully geting underway now!!

Oh…and we have a date for registration opening for the Disneyland Half over Labor Day! I know what I want for Christmas!!!! 🙂


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