Training Day 7 – SRD

SRD = Scheduled Rest Day for those not familiar with running acronyms. Basically it means I just live my normal life minus any workouts. Can be rough when you want to do SOMETHING, but ultimately it’s a good thing. LEts my body recover. I can guarantee you my abs are happy with this idea today. They are SORE from No More Trouble Zones and then Yoga for the Warrior.

My running buddy for the WDW Half (and subsequent Disneyland Half in September), Seth, was asking me about my Garmin, so I figured I’d talk about it. (Aside from the fact that Benjamin Coffin the Bird has been NAUGHTY and eaten off not only the little thing that held the flappy side of the band down, but part of one of the buttons on the watch itself!!!!! Thankfully a rubber band holds the floppy end of the strap down now, and there is enough of the button still left to push. I’m not ready to get another one THIS SOON!!!)

I got the FR60W. It’s basically the women’s version. Mine is pink and white – the one on the website is lilac. I got the version with the chest strap (not a big deal for me…I just put it under my bra strap so don’t even notice it’s on), so it works as a heart rate monitor and the footpod which attaches to my shoe and tells me the distance and pace I’m going. For training sessions, there is “run” (which is obvious), “bike” (again, obvious), and “general” (what doesn’t fit into one of the other categories – I use it for strength training and yoga). It’s also got the capability to do interval training – either by time or by distance. Which is great! It would be nice if you could set it up for both – like my long runs are mileage at time intervals…so I have to figure out the mileage of where I’m going to be running (since I’m trying to do my long runs outside rather than the gym) and then guesstimate the number of time intervals I’ll need to accomplish that. I have discovered that I can press through the laps, so if I find that I overestimate them, I can just fast forward through them to the cool down. So I’ll probably intentionally do that just to be safe. Oh yes, mine also came with an ANT stick, so I connect it to my computer and the garmin connect website, and my workout info uploads automatically. Makes keeping track of things easier!

So that’s a little bit of info about my Garmin. šŸ™‚ And now I think I may look up Prospect Park info. I’m thinking I’ll do my run outside tomorrow just because – being off from school, I can go whenever. I can go into Manhattan and hit Central Park, but it might be fun to explore PP since it’s closer. We’ll see.


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