Training Day 6 – “Long” Run and Yoga

I put “long” in quotes because compared to the 10K last weekend and the week leading up to that, 3 miles was easy-peasy. Generally.

It was Front Runners fun run day. I know a lot of people are training for the NYC Marathon, so I didn’t want to interfere with their runs. I just did my own thing, going around the lower loop in Central Park a couple of times. My training calendar said “3 miles, 3:1”. Ok. I can do that! (Oops…just looked and it was 3:2. Oh well…I’m set up right for next week.)

Well…I did 3.38 miles…by accident. See, my Garmin will let me do intervals by time OR by distance. I either have to put in how many miles I want to run and what mileage/rest interval OR I put in the time interval and the number of reps or “laps”. I wish I could put in the mileage rather than “laps”. But now I know that 2 laps around the lower loop is around 3.38 miles…so I can go from that. Or look at mileage maps of Central Park – I know they exist somewhere. So much planning!!!! Makes me wish I was doing Team in Training or something where there are mentors with you who help deal with those details. Ah well. I can do it! 🙂

Generally I felt ok. My knees are doing much better. Now it’s all about GRADUALLY increasing the mileage and not being stupid and doing a 10K with 2 weeks notice. The legs got kind of heavy a couple of times, and during one “run” interval I dropped it to a really, really fast walk. But it’s ok. I’m early in my training, and I know I can do this!!

THIRTEEN WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!!!!!! Thirteen weeks from today at this time I will have finished my first half marathon!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

I came home and put in Bob’s Yoga for the Warrior and did it. I feel like I did a lot better getting into some of the poses and flows – maybe because my muscles were already good and warmed-up? Anyway…that’s definitely going to be part of training after my long runs!! (or before leaving for Disney for Christmas) Love love!!!

Ok…gotta say it again… THIRTEEN WEEKS!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Training Day 6 – “Long” Run and Yoga

  1. Check you out! You’re a powerhouse doing yoga after! I just got back from a 2.5 at 3:1 and although it was supposed to be one of those easy days compared to last week and next week, it was awful. 😦 I don’t know if my allergies are kicking in because it’s not as humid here anymore or if I’m coming down with a cold, but it just plain hurt to breathe. So, tomorrow is a rest-day and then it’s back to 30 minutes of intervals on Tuesday. I’m hoping it was just a fluke…

    I’m totally interested in hearing about this Garmin thing. Tell me all about it and I want to see pictures or at least get a model # so I can go in search for pictures! It seems very cool! There’s an app on the iphone/ipod touch that I hear is pretty good: RunKeeper Free. I hate carrying or finding a way to strap on something so unnecessary while running, though.

    Love reading the daily updates!

    12 weeks and 6 days! 😀 Woo!

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