Training Day 5 – Strength!!

I wasn’t quite brave enough to do Bob’s Strength dvd today, so I did Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones. It’s challenging but not quite on the same level. Still, I feel like I’m getting a really good workout in, so I think I may stick with this (mostly) for strength and Bob’s dvd for Yoga.

A couple of things I’ve learned that I need to work on…

1) I need to work on side plank raises with my legs straight. I hadn’t realized how much I was depending on my knee for assistance in that move until I tried to do it straight-legged today. Man I’m weak in that area. Must work to improve!!

2) Surrenders. I do much better if I’m leading with my left leg. If I’m leading with my right, I cannot do it and keep my arms up. And even putting my arms down I have trouble with it. So I need to work on that with my right side.

We’ll see how I progress with those through my training.

But yeah…a great workout today!! 🙂


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