Training Day 4 – Running Again!

Well… Yes…and no.

The good news is my knee felt alright and still feels alright. The bad news is I left my inhaler at home, and during allergy season, I need it. I’m definitely discussing with my doctor on the 21st if I should look at Advair or something. Good times.

That said, I did make it though 7 3:2 run/walk segments. I’m not positive of my pace or my total distance because I realized partway through that my Garmin didn’t seem to be tracking me right. Like, I was running and it had me at a 14-15 minute pace, which is slower than what I was walking this weekend at the race. Granted, the breathing stuff might have made me feel like I was working harder than I was. But I also realized I’d changed the foot pod to my new shoes, but hadn’t calibrated it. I didn’t realize you need to do that, but apparently you do, because when I did the auto calibration it was off by a few tenths. (And yes, the treadmill isn’t the most accurate, but until I can calibrate it on a known distance (where’s a track when I need one??) on ground, it’ll have to do. I’d say the reservoir at Central Park, but you never know when you’re going to have to step around a puddle or very slow group of people taking up the path. Still, it might be better than the treadmill. Maybe Saturday.) So I did the calibration about mid-way through, then restarted my workout.

After, I did my yoga stretches, grabbed my stuff, grabbed a slice of pizza on the way home, sat and iced my knees (for good measure, not that they were hurting…I didn’t want them to get any ideas), then changed into jeans and headed into JackRabbit for an injury prevention workshop. The guy who was supposed to do it had an emergency and couldn’t get there, but someone who’s been a patient of his for 4 years and can explain his muscle stuff was there and went over things with us. In a couple of weeks, another PT group is doing a biomechanics analysis, which might be a really good thing since my hip is still twingy. I emailed to see what the cost is. If I haven’t heard back before lunch tomorrow I’ll call (we got out of the talk as they were closing, and the guy at the front didn’t know details) and see. I might also call my chiropractor and see what he thinks. Hmm. LOL. Cause the doctor who was to be there tonight doesn’t technically take insurance, so it’s you put out the money, the office sends it in, and you might get a check back for part of it. If there’s another way (like a place that takes insurance so I have just a copay…like my chiropractor), that would be great. I just want t make sure everything’s all copacetic.

So even if the breathing sucked today (I’m blaming the breathing…I don’t think 3 rest days would make everything go to crap), it felt good to be working out again! Tomorrow is strength. I’m leaning towards No More Trouble Zones…but we’ll see. I might be brave.


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