Training Day 3 – Actually SCHEDULED Rest!!!

Ok, yes, technically it’s my third day of rest after my knee started hurting. BUT on my schedule for training, Wednesdays are rest days. So I don’t feel as bad about sitting around today.

I did get a little bit of exercise in – but it was rearranging furniture in my classroom. No real heavy lifting – some shoving of a cabinet out of the room. It really didn’t hurt my knee, so…

I did do some yoga stretches that are good for the IT band area. An online chat buddy on a Disney forum sent me some links. A few of the poses I know, but one “cow’s face” was totally new to me. Did those. Spent some time with the foam roller. Woohoo!!

Also, since “shopping totally counts as training” (direct tweet from John Bingham), I got some training shirts!! They’re on their way! I got one long sleeved and two short sleeved. Can’t wait to get them!!

Now…before bed tonight I shall fix the laces on my new shoes the special way to keep them tight, then pack my gym bag so it’s ready to go tomorrow!! Don’t worry. I’ll start slow. And do lots of stretches when I’m done. Lots and lots of stretches!!


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