Training Day 2…still resting

Yep. Day 2 of rest. My knees are starting to feel better, so woo! I’m still icing them a few times a day. I’m going to do some light stretching and some bonding with my foam roller tonight. And I got some Aleve to try and work on any inflammation that’s still there. (Don’t worry…I’m not going to use it to mask pain and keep running.)

I’m slightly fidgety, but not overly so. Yet. I’m actually more worried about being hungrier than normal. Since I’m not working out, I’m trying to stay to 1200 calories. Because I went over – even with exercise calories I’m entitled to eat – two days already this week…well, technically 3 since I got hot chocolate last night…I really shouldn’t eat anything else. Gah.

What to do, what to do?????


2 thoughts on “Training Day 2…still resting

  1. Don’t sweat it – 1200 sounds low given I thought the daily recommended intake for women was 2000.

    3 days of eating normally will not hurt. You’ll be burning it off quickly anyway, when you get back to training. If you drop too low on calories, your body will hoard the calories when you go back to normal eating.

    • 1200 is acceptable for dieting. You’re not supposed to go below that. Maybe I’ll go and get some sunchips or something. That’s at least kind of healthy and not way over the top on calories.

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