Getting ready for my 10K!!

Things are going along I think! Last night was social time with Front Runners. And then today was the fun run. I didn’t want to burn out my legs, so I just walked on my own. Then we had a guy from Urban Athletics come and do a “shoe clinic”. He had some deals for us that were valid today and tomorrow. One of them was Asics shoes at 35% off.


So I headed over there – a walk across Central Park and then up 20ish blocks. So more walking. But… A second pair of my GT-2150s for $65???? Can’t beat that!! As soon as I pulled out my shoe to show him what I’d been using he said “Fantastic shoe! Is it working for you?” As soon as I nodded, he said “What size do you need?” and went to get it. He had me try them on just to make sure, but as he said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So I have a second pair! The bonus is this one is white with lightning and island blue trim, so I don’t have to mark a pair (the ones I got in July are white with ink and purple trim)!! Also got a free pair of socks. Woo!

Oh! I bought my Front Runners singlet today too!!! 🙂 They only went up to L in women’s, and it’s fitted and was a bit tight. So I tried on an XL in men’s and it was big on me!!! I’m having to rethink how I see my body as I’m losing weight! I tried on a L and it fits fine! I got several thumbs ups and “how cute are you???” comments. 😀

Went to Trader Joe’s to do grocery shopping and came home to eat dinner and rest. Only to discover that I’d gotten some sun today. And tomorrow is supposed to be sunny as well. And I had no sunscreen in the house. So…field trip to Duane Reade with my fingers crossed that they’d have some sunscreen. They did! Woo!!

So now I’m back home and chilling for the night.

I’ve pinned my number onto my Front Runners singlet (Hey, I may be a newbie, but I know about the bad juju/mojo for wearing a race shirt before you’ve run it!!), I’ve put on my clothes for tomorrow and then took them off and laid them in reverse order, I’ve put the D-tag on my shoe, I’ve put my protein powder into a bottle of water and it’s chilling in the fridge, I’ve packed my backpack, I’m hydrating! I think I’m set. I’m going to look up the best way for me to go in the morning (there’s some confusion as to if trains are stopping at the best station for me to use before 6:30am) and finish hydrating. And then I’m going to TRY and go to sleep early because I’ve got to be up VERY early! First ferry to Governor’s Island is at 6:50…and though it’s early, I’d rather be on it than be squished on a later one. In the morning, I’ll hop in the shower long enough to wet my hair, pull it into pigtails, get dressed, make my banana breakfast shake, put my protein water and some wrapped-with-an-ice-pack chocolate milk for afterwards in my backpack, and head out.

I’ll report in once I’m back home!!


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