Not the greatest run today…

…but I did it.

I don’t know if it was the weather (we’re awaiting the arrival of Nicole) and humidity or something else, but I just felt sluggish the whole workout. Still I managed about 3.8 miles to the best of my memory. (I say to the best of my memory because there was a glitch with my Garmin and while it didn’t upload enough to go on the record on the site, it did upload enough to delete the workout from my watch. THAT little box is unchecked now!!)

I also learned that I’m not so much a fan of shirts that have screen painting on the front and back. My JackRabbit training shirt has something on both sides, and I felt like it lost a lot of the breathability it was supposed to have. It just felt heavy in those spots…and I’m sure that didn’t help me very much. So…even though it’s supposed to be chilly on Sunday, I may go with one of the tanks I’ve been running in so far. Or wear a t-shirt. I know…everyone says no cotton. But trust me…cotton would be more comfy for me than this shirt. I’ll see if I can find a short-sleeved one at Paragon tomorrow maybe when I pick up my race packet.

I did order some training shirts today! Yay!! One has the Penguin motto on it (“The miracle isn’t that I finished; it’s that I had the courage to start.”), one says “Yeah I run like a girl. Try to keep up.” (kinda humorous considering I’m pretty slow, but oh well.), and one says “Will run for chocolate” (if it said “milk” after chocolate it would be perfect, but I like it anyway!)! 😀 Can’t wait to get them!!!!

Tomorrow is strength training, and then running into Manhattan to pick up my 10K packet and then go to First Friday Social with Front Runners! Woohoo!! Go me being social!


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