The workout I love to hate…

That would be Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength.

Pure Burn is right. I don’t know that I ever understood what people meant when they said their muscles were “firey”, but I do now. I did the workout again yesterday and man. It’s TOUGH!!!! That said, I know it is working, and I know if I continue to use it I will see results. (The best part? I get chocolate milk afterwards to help in recovery! Woohoo for chocolate milk!!)

So after doing the workout yesterday, I got in a dilemma about what to do. I’d been thinking of doing one active rest day with this dvd and one with Yoga for the Warrior, but the more I thought about it, the more I started feeling like I really should do the strength one on those two days. But I really do want to keep yoga in there. What to do????

I asked my buddies on myfitnesspal and they all had differing opinions, but a lot seemed to think do both x-t days with the strength and use the yoga for a more thorough stretch on at least one run day. It sounded good, but I didn’t want to overtrain and wasn’t sure if that would work.

So today I emailed Coach Jenny (co-author of Marathoning for Mortals and columnist for Running World among other things) to ask her advice. After all, I am following her book’s plan for my training! Her advice was also do the strength training two days and use the yoga on a run day. So that pretty much confirms it. Strength on my two x-t days it shall be and yoga will be worked in at least once a week.

Guess I should probably get at least a set of 5 pound weights. LOL. Eventually the 3 pounders will get too light, right?

And stock up on my chocolate milk!! Reduced or non-fat of course!!


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