Thinking positive!

Went to the gym for a run today (even if I’d wanted to go outside it was gross and rainy…and unless it’s a race I’ve paid to be in, just…no to rain. blech!) with the intent to push hard in an attempt to mimic race adrenaline and see how fast I could run/walk 4.1 miles. If you remember from my last post, I need to clear that in an hour – assuming of course we start right at 8:30.

I hit the 4.1 mark according to my Garmin at between 47 and 48 minutes!! Woohoo!! So assuming that was all correct, I’ve got about 12 minutes wiggle room to make that hour cut-off.

AND I felt pretty good about the run today! So far the weather’s looking good for the day – partly cloudy with a low of 53 and a high of 64!! Can’t wait!!!


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