I don’t think the other day was a fluke!

I got up early this morning to hit the gym and get my run in. I wanted to do my best to get 10K in so my legs can see what it feels like. My average pace – including my running segments, my walking segments, and my warm up and cool down – was 12:06. So apparently I am going faster than I thought I was.

And I really hope it continues next Sunday at the 10K race. Because tonight the race director sends a bulk email to everyone whose estimated finish time indicates a slower than 13 minute mile pace (I overestimated I’m sure, especially given my average pace I’ve been hitting in training) because we have to be clear of the 4.1 mile mark within an hour, and over a 13 minute mile pace may not allow that. So…yeah… I’m feeling confident, but now very edgy. I have a feeling I may well go out too fast and bonk in the last couple of miles because I do NOT want to get swept.

I should note that nowhere on the race website does it state that you should be at a 13 minute mile pace. I’m just hoping that my training pays off and I CAN complete this thing!!! I don’t want a DNF on my racing record!!!


6 thoughts on “I don’t think the other day was a fluke!

  1. You can totally do it! It’s a shame they didn’t mention that, though. I think you’ll do great. =) (This is Mikaelia on twitter, btw)

  2. Definitely pace yourself at the beginning, says he who didn’t pace himself yesterday. LOL

    Just make sure you listen to YOUR body, and not the person in front of you who wants to go faster. The best thing (I found) is to really focus on the first 1/2 mile on running at your own pace. Pretty soon you’ll find someone who’s going your pace or just a bit faster and you can follow them. If you’re feeling good, pass them after a minute or so and find the next person to follow. 🙂

    Also, make sure you enjoy it…you’re going to do great!

  3. For the record: my first race ever in XC in high school was a DNF… I wanted to keep running but they said I looked like I was going to pass out and wouldn’t let me go any further… 🙂 Loving reading your training blog, keep up the great work! (I think we need to develop a really cool tagline that we sign-off with for the Disney HM…)

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