Sometimes I amaze myself…

Hit the gym today to try and get in 4 miles since I have the 10K coming up on the 3rd.

Well…I ended up doing 5 miles in just over an hour. Legit! And I made a discovery as well thanks to my HRM.

What I learned today thanks to my Garmin: I run faster than the treadmill says. As in it says 5mph, but my pace is actually in the 10-11 minute mile range. And yes, the Garmin is calibrated correctly. I also walk faster than the treadmill says too, though not quite that much.

I also apparently have started using Chi running form and didn’t realize it – or I was today according to a coach of some type who was working with someone else and happened to glance over and see me. She asked how long I’d been doing Chi running. Um…I’ve heard of it, and sort of know the basics, but I’ve never officially studied it. But apparently I internalized what I learned. Upright. Mid-foot strike. Sort of like how running is described in Born to Run (Coincidence I’d just read that segment – when Caballo Blanco takes him for a run? Maybe or maybe not.)

But I guess that might explain why I really wasn’t getting tired. I did 5 miles at a 3 minute run: 2 minute walk interval ratio in just over an hour! Sometimes I surprise myself. If I hadn’t been going to meet up with my college roommate for dinner, I would have kept going to 6.2 miles just to see what kind of time I could pull on a first attempt at that distance. Because seriously I still felt amazing at 5 miles!

Heck, if I can do that and maintain that pace on the 3rd, I might find myself submitting a time that would get me in the 2:45 corral at Disney’s Half! (I’m going to work really hard to not be disappointed if I don’t maintain that pace outside.)

I’m not sure if I should be amazed or scared by myself!


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