Keep on keepin’ on

Things are swimming along right now. “Official” training starts on 10/4, but I’m definitely not just sitting around doing nothing until then!

Saturday I met up with Front Runers New York – the LGBTQ running club in NYC – for a fun run in Central Park. The crowd was a little lower than usual because some people were doing a 200-mile relay in NH and it was also Yom Kippur. But there was still a good group there. I ended up paired with Sandi, who was really great about keeping her pace so that I could keep up with her. We did a loop that’s about 4 miles in 50-55 minutes – and even when I walked, I kept up with her as she ran. I felt so welcomed by everyone, and I love having a new group to hang with, so I’ve officially joined! Saturday they have a cross-country meet that I think I’m going to go to. It sounds like fun!

Yesterday was Bob Harper’s Body Rev Cardio Conditioning. I’m getting better at the dvd. It’s still tough, but I’m getting more able to complete most things all the reps.

Last night I went to JackRabbit for one of the marathon preparation lectures. Obviously it’s focused on the NY Marathon – and I decided last night I’m not getting new shoes until after marathon madness is over because it was crazycakes in the shoe area last night! I did get some stuff – a new sports bra (LOVE IT!!!), a training shirt with wicking fabric, a fuel belt, and some gel packs to try. AND my new Garmin FR60W heart rate monitor and training tracker! šŸ™‚

I got it all set up and used it in the gym today. I love it already!!!! šŸ™‚ It’s pink and white! Hee!! Ran/walked for 3.7 miles doing 5:1 and 3:2 intervals. Felt pretty good at the end of it! Then I came home and did just the beginner segment on Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength dvd. I was feeling pretty tired after the run, so I didn’t want to push it too much.

And then *I* got all crazycakes and decided to sign up for a 10K. On October 3. Yes…October 3. As in not this Sunday but next Sunday. I was reading a forum about Disney races, and it sounds like it’s better to turn in *a* time even if it’s over their cut off to avoid being placed in the no-time corral. And they want 10K times. So I went hunting for 10Ks in NYC and found one on Governor’s Island – site of my first 5K. It’s flat. I already know part of the course. So… Yeah…we shall see what happens. Ha!

So…as much as I wanted to complete Bob’s 4-week dvd challenge (well, minus Bob’s Workout which I’m scared to even peek at), I’m changing it up. The workouts are runs now. I’ll do Yoga for the Warrior a time or two for cross training and flexibility. But the others not so much – maybe the beginner workout on Strength from time to time. We shall see.

I’ll keep you posted!


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