Yoga and more!

I’ve definitely decided that Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior is going to be what I do on one of my cross-training days. I love it, and it’s a great workout! I’m still deciding about the second day. I really want to like Bob’s Pure Burn Super Strength dvd, but it’s definitely HARD! And it seems like a lot of legwork in there too – though I did notice that there is still legwork in the cross-training stuff, so it’s not a deal breaker. I’m supposed to do it twice this week. I’ll see how it goes on repeat trials since a lot of times I find that I really don’t like an exercise the first time through, but on repeated trials it can turn into a favorite. I think a lot of times it’s the unknown aspect of that first time. So we shall see. There is a 20 minute segment that works mainly the arms, and the yoga dvd has a 15 minute abs segment, so I could in theory combine those. Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones could be a possibility as well – haven’t done that one in a while, but it’s mainly strength training if I remember correctly. I also went to the gym and played on the elliptical yesterday. Man…that thing can be tough! So it’s going on the list as another possibility. But I like the idea of strength training. So… We shall see.

I’m going in about an hour to meet up with a running club I’m thinking of joining. They welcome newcomers to come and run with them on their fun runs to see if we like it/them/etc. They pair up newcomers with club members who are supposed to be welcoming and run our pace and distance. So… We shall see. Hopefully my buddy won’t hate me since I’m so slow!! It would be nice to have a group to run with – especially when I get ready for my long runs. But we’ll see. I noticed on their calendar that there’s something I guess a lot have gone to at a beach somewhere – there’s usually a long run on Sundays and tomorrow’s is cancelled because of the beach thing. But maybe that’s just like real serious marathoners or something. So… I’ll check in afterwards – though it may be late. Today’s a busy day!!


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