Great run today!!

I know I’m not formally in my training program for the HM yet, but I’m not going to sit around like a couch potato until October 4. I’m doing Bob Harper’s DVD series and peppering in some running with it. Today was a run day.

I decided to try throwing a towel over the display on the treadmill to see if that made it easier to go longer, and just like the race on Sunday with no times on the course, it worked. 🙂 That tells me that the whole “I’m tired” thing at certain minutes is pretty much mental. I ran for 30+ minutes (the + because I accidentally hit the stop button and had to restart, so I ran probably a little longer just to make sure I got the 30 minutes in) at 4.8 miles per hour! And I felt great afterwards!!!

I’m not crazy…I realize I have a LONG way to go…but I’m feeling definitely confident about this HM!!! I can do it!!!


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