Rethinking the strength training I’d planned…

Today was my first attempt all the way through Bob Harper’s Super Strength dvd (It’s part of his new 4-dvd series). I’d previously done the “beginner” segment, which pretty much just focuses on arms and it was good, but felt kind of short.

In setting up my training for the WDW Half, I’d thought I’d do the entire strength dvd on one of the cross training days and his Yoga for the Warrior on the second. But having gotten through the whole monster of a workout today, I’m really rethinking that plan.

Mainly because in reading Marathoning for Mortals the whole principle with cross training is to work other muscles than what you’re using while running – so upper body and abs, definitely fall into that! But this DVD has a lot of leg work too – squats, lunges, etc. (There are also the weighted side planks done in conjunction with push-ups, and doing one of them today I heard so much crackling and popping in my shoulder I did one on the other side to even out and then just did rolling ts (side planks that move from one arm to the other…but no weights) for the rest of that segment.) and I’m not sure I want to be pushing my legs that hard WHILE I’m also running, you know?

I definitely will keep in Yoga for the Warrior for one of the days. I do want to include SOME strength training besides that, so what I’m thinking right now is that on the non-yoga day I’ll do the beginner workout on the strength dvd and then do the abs workout on the yoga dvd. All together it’ll be about 30-35 minutes and definitely work my upper body.



2 thoughts on “Rethinking the strength training I’d planned…

  1. Hey there! It’s funny! I swear we are almost the same person. I’m running/walking intervals Tuesdays, Thursdays for 30 minutes and then a brisk walk on Friday to stretch out and then distance on Saturdays, so that leaves Mondays and Wednesdays for the gym and I’m trying to get myself motivated to only try and do upper and core on those days, but it’s hard not to include legs… I think the yoga is a great idea because it will help tons with stamina and endurance (one of those self-center-awareness things… ) for those long distances! I’m totally stoked and have now subscribed to your blog so I can stay caught up! Less than 14 weeks! šŸ™‚

    • Cool!!!! I’m still deciding if I am going to use Bob’s DVD or Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones. I may switch them up. DEFINITELY doing Bob’s Yoga dvd…perhaps after my long runs on Saturdays.

      Yay for subscribing!!! šŸ™‚

      And yeah!!!! 3 months and 4 days to be specific!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

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