On my way!!!

Well, today was the Komen Race for the Cure here in NYC! I’d signed up for it back in July – the first 5K I ever signed up for.

I ended up running the WTC Run to Remember last week – since it’s a small run and was on a flat course I figured it would be a good warm up. My official time last week was 41:36. I was happy considering I walked a lot more than I’d intended – and had to make a pit stop because of weird arrangements. I’ve learned the porta-potty lesson now!!

I honestly was not expecting to better that time today. To start with, rather than less than 1000 people, I’d be with somewhere around 25,000. Granted, a good portion of them were walking, but still. I knew there would be more runners at this. And then it was in Central Park. Which has hills. I’d done ok when I went to my parents’ house and dealt with their hills, but still. As I walked into Central Park before the race I actually said “Hey CP! We’re gonna get lots of quality time in the next few months!” 🙂 Because we are – unless I decide to explore Prospect Park.

So anyway, I lined up in the backish section of the 10+ minute mile block – the last running segment before the mass of walkers. The elite runners and survivors took off on their 5 minute head start. Then we all shuffled to the start. Because this was a fun run, we didn’t have chips. So I checked the timer when I went under the starting gate. 7:22. Once we got through the gate, people started running. I was good and stayed to my pace – which until I get my HRM next week is whatever’s comfy for me until I do the math. I ran the entire first mile with the exception of the water stop which I walked because I’ve not mastered drinking while running yet. I made it a little further before I took my first walk break of maybe 2 minutes. Ran more – for most of mile 2. Then there was an uphill grade that wasn’t steep but went on for a while, so I walked it. Then ran the majority of the last mile. We could hear the music from the bandshell so I knew we were getting close. I sped up when we hit the mile 3 marker, and then we rounded the curve to the finish line.

I do believe the words “What the FUCK?????” left my mouth when I looked at the timer and realized that the number after the 4 was NOT 7 or above but in fact had JUST turned to 6. There were a lot of people still, so I couldn’t bust it out like last week, but I went as fast as I could and finished as the timer said 46:36.

Yep! I ran 5K in 39:14!!!! That even beats my record on the treadmill!!! And that’s a 12.63 minute mile pace!! WOOT!!!!

I’m so psyched and proud of myself! I know I can run for almost 3 miles already! AND I know I can navigate a crowd!!!

I WILL do this Half Marathon!! And maybe in better time than I’m anticipating!!


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