The plan is made!

I spent a good bit of time this afternoon with my calendar and the run/walk a half marathon training schedule mapped out in John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield’s book Marathoning for Mortals so that I’ve got it all set up. I’d emailed John via his website to check about the last week since the plan assumes a Sunday race and the WDW Half is on Saturday – I wasn’t sure if I should skip the last 20 minute light run or move it back a day. His response was “that’s fine…at that point less is more”, so I figure I’ll play Friday by ear.

My training officially starts 10/4 – though obviously I’m not going to stop the workouts I’m currently doing and just sit around until then.

Went by my favorite running store (JackRabbit Sports) to check out gear and stuff. I need to get a heart rate monitor/pacer/etc. as well as some other gear…and a new pair of shoes so I’ve got the kind I’m used to and can get a few miles on them before the half too. I asked the guy I was talking with if anyone could come to the seminars they’re going to be having in a few weeks – they’re advertised in conjunction with NY Marathon prep, but he said that they’re very inclusive. Yay!! I’m especially interested in the injury prevention one!! That’s kind of important! But I’ll probably check out the preparation tips one too.

Oh – and I have a running mate now! One of my sister’s friends, Seth, has said he’ll run it with me. I suspect I’ll be far too slow for him, but we shall see. It did give me a good laugh when I got a call from my sister saying “Wait…when did you and Seth become friends on Facebook???” I’d found him via her page and friend requested him with the message that I figured if we’re going to run together we should at least chat beforehand. He accepted, then posted about the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge (doing the WDW Marathon or Half or the Princess Half AND the Disneyland Half in the same year), so Andrea was all kinds of confused. Ha!

Good times!!!!

Tomorrow? 5K number 2 – the Komen Race for the Cure!


2 thoughts on “The plan is made!

    • Thanks Laura! 🙂 I’ve even planned in Bob’s strength dvd once a week (may switch to NMTZ once I’ve experienced it the whole thing…we shall see), and Yoga for the Warrior for one day. John and Jenny’s plan has two “active rest” (translation cross-training) days built into each week, so I figure I’ll work strength with one and flexibility with the other.

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